Best Fashion Accessories in 2021

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Latest Monsoon Fashion Tips 2021
July 5, 2021
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Best Fashion Accessories in 2021

Best Fashion Accessories in 2021

Best Fashion Accessories in 2021

We are right in the middle of the year, and this is the time of the season when you can make the most fashionable choices for summer. This write-up brings to you the most sought-after and the best fashion accessories in 2021. Read on to know more.

Totes, Chunky Chain Bags & Straw Bags

Are you looking for the best fashion accessories in 2021? Well, go for something handcrafted and humble. Apart from being an essential accessory, a designer bag can enhance your outfit and make you look stylish. You can team up the bags as per the color and type of your dress or the footwear. Sling bags look classy with a dress, chunky chain bags go well with something casual, and totes can team up with formals. You can team up straw bags can with your vacation dresses. You can also go for a baguette bag – the small-sized shoulder bag never gets old and is loved for its vintage style from the 90s.

Silk Hair Accessories

It’s quite a long time that you have been just tying your hair into a ponytail or bun – during the whole lockdown period. Well, it’s time to get back to routine and put in some efforts just like you used to before. Go for silk hair accessories this season to add extra stars to your look. From bowknot ties, ponytail ties to silk ribbons and silk scarves – there is plenty of options to look for in varied colors, prints, and styles. These silk wraps will make you look glamorous while feeling soft on your head. Also, silk hair accessories are amongst the trending accessories 2021 because they won’t give you a headache like other headbands.


Have you been in awe of stilettos, wedge booties, sandals, pumps, slingbacks, or sneakers of late? Well, these have been overwhelmed for quite some time. This year, add Birkenstocks and even crocs to your list as they are some of the most experimented accessories that you can add to your list of fashion accessories 2021. You can choose stylish shaggy slip-on – a product from the collaboration. You can choose from their trendiest collection and look your best this summer. Your dressing-up game can get perfect when you also give a thought to your footwear.

The Cool Phone Holders

You might not have been very much into keeping your phone this way, but chained or strapped phone holders are very much in trend, and no wonder, in the list of fashion accessories in 2021. Several fashion designers and brands have started designing phone holders that make you look stylish while also keeping your phone safe. There are so many options in terms of material, make, color, design, and style. While the chained ones can be carried with your casual look, keep the leather strapped ones for a rather formal look. You can also tie these phone holders on your waist for a fashion statement.

Sunglasses to Beat The Heat

A chic look is incomplete without cool shades – especially in summer. These trendy fashion accessories have come a long way in terms of style and make, and the designs keep changing at a pretty fast pace. Previously, big glasses in a range of shapes were popular and remained in trend for a long time. However, this generation is in for tiny ones. The fashionistas you follow on social media. You can see flaunting the small glasses – they are also the best fashion accessories in 2021. However, whether you want those frames to be small or big, remember that the purpose should remain to protect your eyes from the heat. Keep your style game on and look chic and classy but prioritize the ‘beat the heat’ look.

Mask to Shield You From The Deadly Diseases

The list of fashion accessories is incomplete without the mention of masks. You can crib as much as you want or feel as uncomfortable as it gets, but the face mask is here to stay and not going anywhere for quite some years. Designers have started putting in their efforts and ideas on this must-have accessory now. Today, you can come across countless options in terms of materials, designs, and colors. They further come with the options such as filters, chains, etc. Pleated tie-dye face masks, reusable cloth face masks, face masks with knot ties, gingham bow masks, and slogan masks are a few options to explore.

Chic and Stylish Hats

Hats have been a substantial part of history and fashion. Over time, these head coverings have evolved, and there has been seen quite an evolution in their appearance. They are a must-have and certainly should include in your list of best fashion accessories in 2021. Especially after spending such a long time indoors amid the pandemic, you got to be wearing hats to protect your sensitive skin. Floppy hats, wide-brim hats, Panama hats, and floral bucket hats are some of the most popular hats this year. Try to explore prints, styles, and colors to get that hot look in the hot summers of 2021.

Shoes For That Impressive Walk

Most of us might not be super picky when it comes to footwear, but you got it right that the shoes this summer are amongst the most looked-for fashion accessories in 2021. The fashion designers have created some of the shoe designs you will love to get your hands on. One designer took his platform boots’ length up till hip while the other made a savvy platform clog having an elastic strap. These designs will amaze you for sure, and even if you have nowhere to go since the pandemic is yet not done, you still would want to shuffle through your home in these exciting designs.
In addition to these accessories, camping-style backpacks, watches, water bottles, umbrellas, and tech gadgets are some of the best fashion accessories in 2021.