Tips to Choose an Eco-FriendlyVegan Handbag

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December 7, 2020

Tips to Choose an Eco-FriendlyVegan Handbag


Tips to Choose an Eco-Friendly Vegan Handbag

Going green makes all the difference! Irrespective of whether you’ve just become a part of the environmental bandwagon or have been supporting the sustainability of mother earth from the very beginning, preferring to endorse and use eco-friendly products is a remarkable initiative. In this write-up, we have focused on why one should invest in Eco-Friendly Vegan Handbags, what are the prominent options and what to consider for making the best choice.

Why Buy Eco-Friendly Vegan Handbags?

Eco-friendly bags are all the rage and the very fact that they cause no harm to the environment is why every environmentalist is in awe of them. Here are some of the factors that make it substantial to buy ethical, Eco-Friendly Vegan Handbags:

Use of Sustainable raw materials

Thanks to campaigns of awareness towards environmental sustainability, most brands are using vegan, ethical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free leather to make handbags. Plenty of sustainable alternatives are being used across the fashion industry to come up with materials that do look like having the texture of leather but have no harmful impact on the environment. Most of the vegan handbags manufacturers use pineapple leather, recyclable nylon, upcycled waste materials such as discarded vintage clothing, carpets, solvent-free vegan leather, etc. Therefore, you can be sure of contributing your bit to the world.

Prominent Vegan Handbags Manufacturers

Below mentioned are some of the prominent names in the vegan handbags making industry. Read on to know what sets them apart.

Alexandra K

Established in the year 2014 in Poland, Alexandra K has come across a leader in the arena of luxury vegan purses and bags. Your search options for vegan and eco-friendly purses and handbags must include their assorted selection if you want to get your hands on the best of the fashion industry. Renowned for its vegan-friendly and cruelty-free work approach, the company offers premium handbags made from plant-based materials using environmentally-friendly procedures. You can look for its unique range of quality handbags with specific serial numbers at pretty affordable prices. And if you are very particular about the company’s vegan status for products’ manufacturing, know that it was rewarded with Vegan Fashion Award for offering premium eco-friendly vegan handbags.

Angela Roi

For those having a thing for modern classic vegan handbags, Angela Roi is a one-stop destination. Also, if you are specifically looking for bags and purses made from non-animal materials, Angela Roi is the name you must remember. The New York-based vegan handbag manufacturer is well known for its work ethics. The company specializes in offering a wide range of vegan bags, ethically made with exquisite polyurethane leather. Whether you want pouches, saddlebags, or bucket bags - Angela Roi can offer a wide array of high-quality, luxury options in stunning designs and colors. What’s more, you get to choose the premium eco-friendly bags in an easily affordable price range.

Melie Bianco

In the world of premium vegan handbags, Melie Bianco is reckoned for offering an assorted range. The company, with its major focus on cruelty-free leather bags, offers an exquisite variety of handbags ranging from crossbody bags, totes, to shoulder bags and clutches. No wonder, the client base of Melie Bianco includes the likes of Marie Claire, Good Morning America, O Magazine, and many other renowned names. Go for options from Melie Bianco, if you are looking for premium handbags made from natural materials like bamboo, vegan leather using high order of craftsmanship. Not just that, Melie Bianco is your go-to place if you are looking for Luxury Vegan Handbags at budget pricing.

Matt & Nat

Do browse through the collection of Matt & Nat, if you are keen on buying a classic vegan handbag. Based in Canada, Matt & Nat is known for bringing forth an exclusive range of beautiful Vegan Handbags ethically made from recycled materials. Apart from Women’s Vegan Handbags, the assorted product range of the company comprises a variety of men’s briefcases, yoga bags, wallets, etc. – all made with high-quality rubber, cork, recycled nylon and plastic, polished vegan leather, and cruelty-free materials. The company strongly abides by its motto – live beautifully and ethically, which clearly shows in the quality of its vegan handbags – available across boutiques in Australia, the United Kingdom, North America, Japan, and Germany. Matt & Nat’s exquisite range of Vegan Handbags is easily available online for customers.

Stella McCartney

Fashion designer Stella McCartney is a vegetarian, thus no wonder her handbag range is made without using any fur or leather. Since launch in 2001, Stella McCartney luxury collection has exhibited premium handbags made with vegan leathers and solvent-free polyurethane &recycled polyester– alter-Nappa leather, the term specifically used by Stella McCartney fashion house for bags and shoes.McCartney’s commitment towards sustainability is also evident from the fact that the handbag designer house is all gung ho in discovering modern fashion possibilities with lab-grown leather. Stella McCartney handbag collection can undeniably be your topmost pick if you want to buy premium vegan bags and purses.


Hozen abides by its policy to come up with sustainable, vegan handbags by using only upcycled and organic raw material. Besides, it uses Italian manmade leather to come up with fine craftsmanship blended with quality and ethical practices. The company is known for designing an assorted range of vegan handbags from totes, canteen round purses, duffle bags to cinch bags and drawstring bucket bags in stunning designs and colors – exemplifying boldness and functionality. And when you buy any Hozen product, rest assured that you are contributing to the world since 10% of each purchase is given to a nonprofit organization dedicated to animals’ betterment.

Buying Ethical, Eco-Friendly Bags

Consider the following factors before investing in an Ethical, Eco-Friendly Bag:

Longevity and authenticity

While buying an ethically produced vegan handbag, try to be sure of is its life and quality. Ensure to do some research about the kind of raw materials used in the making of the vegan handbags. Also, make sure that the fabrics and other materials used can withstand years of use.

Variety and availability

Keep in mind the styles, functionality, and colors when making a choice. Remember whatever kind of vegan handbag you decide on should be multifunctional, timeless, and simply a perfect fit for the wardrobe.

Expertise of the manufacturer

Ensure beforehand that the brand you are going to pick offers to customize or provides repair service. Several ethical vegan handbag manufacturers not only offer tailor-made solutions but provide repair services. With your decision to buy eco-friendly vegan handbags, you will not only help the earth to heal but would thank yourself later by giving them out to your future generation. And since buying the most appropriate one amongst the best is not an easy task, hopefully, this write-up could be of some help.