Top 7 Yoga Instructors on YouTube

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Top 7 Yoga Instructors on YouTube

Top 7 Yoga Instructors on YouTube

Top 7 Yoga Instructors on YouTube

If your quest for yoga has landed you here, you are just on the right page. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” This ancient Indian practice has taken the world by storm. Today, everyone who is keen on improving and maintaining their mental, physical, spiritual, and social health understands the value of yoga. Here, we have listed the Top 7 Yoga Instructors on YouTube. You can go through their channel and learn yoga at different levels – from beginners to advanced!

Adriene Mishler – Yoga With Adriene

Subscribers: 10.3M Videos: 607 Views: 1,013,122,045 Joined on: August 30, 2012 American actress Adriene Mishler is a well-known yoga teacher. Her yoga videos are boon for beginners and everyone who wants contented healthy life. Go through the playlist on her YouTube channel and you will find several topics such as Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Transition, Gentle Yoga, Total Body Yoga, and many others. Adriene’s yoga practice videos are for everyone – from all walks of life. No wonder, she has more than 10 million followers making her one of the most followed Yoga Instructors on YouTube. Her prominence is evident from the fact that when you search for yoga on YouTube, you will find most videos from her account Yoga With Adriene in the search results.

Juliana Semenova & Mark Spicoluk – Boho Beautiful

Subscribers: 2.23M Videos: 417 Views: 299,049,944 Joined on: October 20, 2014 The couple Mark Spicoluk and Juliana Semenova’s YouTube account Boho Beautiful is one of the most followed channels. The videos from these Yoga Instructors on YouTube feature some of the most beautiful places where they perform various yoga practices. On Boho Beautiful, you can find videos for all levels of yoga from beginner to advanced, along with guided meditations. Other than the yoga practices, the account also shares videos on vegan recipes and pilates at home. Rightfully having the tagline ‘A Yoga Wanderlust Channel’ Juliana and Mark’s YouTube account videos are a treat to the eyes and calm for the soul!

Corrina Rachel – PsycheTruth

Subscribers: 3.98M Videos: 3,113 Views: 977,185,510 Joined on: April 26, 2007 PsycheTruth, sharing videos on Yoga since 2007, is one of the most viewed channels on YouTube. It is managed by Corrina Rachel, who is a widely renowned health coach. A jazz singer, born and raised in Texas, she has been offering wellness guidance for a long time now. She shares informational videos on different topics ranging from yoga, nutrition to diet to massage and psychology. Her wellness channel PsycheTruth is a one-stop platform for those seeking medical advice from professionals, health experts, and Yoga Instructors on YouTube. A large number of people around the world have been benefiting from PsycheTruth health and happiness.

Lesley Fightmaster – Fightmaster Yoga

Subscribers: 665K Videos: 677 Views: 54,494,689 Joined on: January 14, 2012 Lesley Fightmaster is among the most followed Yoga Instructors on YouTube. On her channel Fightmaster Yoga, Lesley posts videos on varied yoga poses and practices. With the motto ‘Practice Yoga, Feel Better, she helps her followers focus on mental and physical health to attain happiness and peace. Beginners can find many helpful and easy-to-practice yoga videos on the Fightmaster Yoga YouTube channel. Her videos are very helpful for a healthy way of living, for example, her ‘30-day challenges’ videos promote a better lifestyle. Those having busy and hectic schedules can benefit from her 15 to 20 minutes, too. Whatever the lifestyle or experience level, there’s something for everyone on Fightmaster Yoga.

Brett Larkin – BrettLarkinYoga

Subscribers: 466K Videos: 756 Views: 35,941,950 Joined on: August 2, 2012 BrettLarkinYoga is your place if you have never done yoga before. One of the most active Yoga Instructors on YouTube, Brett Larkin has been teaching yoga intending to make the practice fun, and transformative to everyone. Her mantra is to focus on wellbeing with meditation and positivity. She shares yoga videos on Monday and also uploads videos on philosophy each Friday. Majorly her videos have Vinyasa flow yoga as the theme. You can surely go ahead with her sessions whether you want to give just 15 minutes of your day to yoga or are set for a sweaty session.

Sarah Beth – SarahBethYoga

Subscribers: 1.42M Videos: 367 Views: 134,761,328 Date Joined: September 01, 2010 Sarah Beth has been teaching yoga for more than a decade. She is one of the most followed, top Yoga Instructors on YouTube as she can cater to the yoga requirements of the ones who do not have much time for sessions as well as those who can practice for as much as 90 minutes. Her videos cover several yoga poses and meditations for beginners as well as experienced. With offering such ease to the subscribers, SarahBethYoga has garnered a huge following. Not just that, Sarah has a yoga app for learners to learn from her video series of 30 days.

Esther Ekhart – Ekhart Yoga

Subscribers: 347K Videos: 793 Views: 64,968,54 Joined on: February 26, 2008 For over a decade, Ekhart Yoga has been sharing yoga videos on social media. This channel on YouTube is handled by Esther Ekhart and a team of highly experienced yoga instructors. With more than 40 instructors having specialization in yoga, Ekhart Yoga is a platform for beginners and advanced learners. Esther helps people learn and practice yoga in different levels, and time frames making her one of the most sought-after Yoga Instructors on YouTube. She has given more than 4000 classes in different styles to people all over the world.
A day started with even 5 minutes of a yoga session is quite enough for keeping your sense of self lively till dusk. Just think about the wonders it can do to your well being if practiced daily. All you have to do is stop procrastinating and search for the above-mentioned Yoga Channels on YouTube. With one look at their playlist, you can clearly understand why they have a huge following and are considered among the Top Yoga Instructors on YouTube.