Top Ethical Jewellery Brands in the World

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Top Ethical Jewellery Brands in the World


Top Ethical Jewellery Brands in the World

People all around the globe are trying too hard to make the world a better place - more sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan. Right from food, cosmetics, clothes to fashion accessories and other lifestyle products – almost everything is being preferred environmental-friendly. In fact, thanks to the increasing awareness for this generous cause, a substantial number of jewellery designers are working towards bringing forth ethically crafted jewellery. They are giving people the privilege to have the most beautiful ornaments that are made with sustainable materials without causing any harm to animals or the environment. Here in this write-up, we have listed some of the top ethical jewellery brands in the world to help you choose better.

Starfish Project

Based in: Asia Price range: $25 - $40 Starfish Project is amongst well known ethical jewelry brands designing not just the most stylish ornaments but also proactively working to support women. The company provides shelter, education, and employment to women who are survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. It is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and is dedicated to providing holistic care to women by indulging them in vocational training, offering health care, education grants, and job stability. Nearly 200 women have been empowered by Starfish Project and they are proudly supporting themselves in the roles of jewelry designer, photographer, graphic designer, accountant and manager. Buy an assorted collection of ethical jewelry brands at affordable prices. Right from earrings to rings and bracelets – all kinds of jewelry pieces are designed by the brand.

Washed Ashore

Based in: Los Angeles, California Price range: $60 - $90 Washed Ashore is a modern-day ethical jewellery brand that believes in sustainable ways of producing its jewellery range. The company uses recyclable materials - gold, silver, and postconsumer stones to craft its jewellery. Committed to 100% sustainable ways of working, the company has a green refinery facility. Furthermore, it has fully recyclable packaging to go green at the maximum level. The ethical jewellery brand is also associated with and proactively works to fight global warming and contributes to a healthy future of clean energy. At Washed Ashore, you can buy a wide range of rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewellery pieces in different styles and designs.


Based in: Brooklyn, New York City Price range: $30 - $50 Catbird is women operated and owned jewellery designing brand. It has an in-house facility for designing and crafting a variety of jewellery pieces. The ethical jewellery brand uses only recycled gold and responsibly sourced stones for crafting the ornaments. Also, in addition to ensuring ethical working conditions, the company provides the best possible working conditions and fair wages to its employees. It also gives 1% of all the sales to varied organizations. The Catbird jewellery collection comprises an eclectic range from everyday wear ornaments to wedding and engagement rings.


Based in: Costa Mesa, California, US Price range: $30 - $50 Ethical jewellery brand 31 Bits is known for its dedicated work approach and to fulfill the same, it provides fair working conditions to its employees. It also indulges in offering counseling, education and training to the workers. It employs local craftsmen in northern Uganda and Indonesia enabling them to have stable job opportunities. So when you buy jewellery from 31 Bits, rest assured that you are contributing your bit for a better world. Choose from its wide collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and variety of other fashionable and ethnic jewellery in a range of designs.


Based in: San Francisco, California Price range: $50 - $100 Soko is another ethical jewelry brand that can be relied on for fair work practices. It works with entrepreneurs all across the world enabling them to grow and improve businesses, enhance production, and raise the profit bar quite sustainably. The fair trade jewelry company can be trusted upon for policies that lead to empowered and well-treated artisans. If you are looking for minimal classics or luxury pieces, you can simply choose from the assorted collection of the Soko. It makes use of ethically sourced gold, silver, brass, mixed materials to come up with fashionable, chic jewelry at pretty affordable prices.


Based in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US Price range: $50 - $100 Bario Neal is cherished by fashion jewellery lovers for its wide selection of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, bands, and many other modern-day jewellery pieces. In addition to its assorted collection, the ethical jewellery brand offers custom-made designs as well. And rest assured about the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental-friendliness. It is an eco-friendly label ethically procuring fair mined gold, reclaimed metal – thus contributing their bit to the world by preventing extraction of around 134,000 tonnes of metal-earth. Not just that, the company provides happy and healthy working conditions for its employees. Undeniably, you can be sure of getting quality on ethical grounds when buying jewellery from this fair-trade company.

Ten Thousand Villages

Based in: Akron, Ohio, US Price range: $25 - $50 Ten Thousand Villages is an active member of the Fair Trade Federation for over 70 years. The company has been remarkably able to establish and channelize its groundwork for sustainable methods of working in over 30 developing countries. Its commendable efforts for the empowerment of locals by providing them with employment opportunities are applauded all over the world. Buy the beautiful collection from this fair trade jewelry brand and you can be proud of contributing to a number of small-scale artisans and co-ops. The jewelry pieces offered by the company are crafted from local materials. Every piece that the ethical jewellery brand Ten Thousand Villages has in offer is unique exemplifying the exceptional talent of skilled and experienced artisans across the world.

All the jewellery designing companies mentioned above are contributing to the world either by strategizing their production methods or with the implementation of fair trade and work practices. By buying ornaments from such ethical jewellery brands you too can be sure of doing your bit, especially if you feel responsible towards world and are eager to buy products that are environmental-friendly and sustainable. And another crucial reason to go for these brands is that they offer the best at pretty remarkable price range.